Rebates!! Check this out.

Do you want some money back?? I about fell out of my chair when I saw this rebate that Merial is doing for clients this year! Check out the details ($$) on the form but the rebates are for products we (and you) often use. Equioxx, Gastrogard, Legend and Marquis are the ones we carry. The guys are going to try to remember to hand out these forms when you purchase items (I had to order them so it will be next week before we have them) but you can go online at any time to fill it out and send it in. You can print these photos of the form or print them off the website. You will need a paid invoice, a UPC code or box top as stated on form, and the info filled out on the form. The great thing is this is running ALL YEAR so you can do this for every new purchase you make of these products. You can use the yellow slip the guys give you if you pay at the farm or you can contact me (Jennifer) via Facebook message or text and I can send you a paid copy if you usually pay off the monthly statement. I am happy to email it to you as well so please include that info. You can submit rebates on line at Please tell other horse owning/training folks you know about this as not everyone is on Facebook or knows about our website and we want everyone to take advantage of this offer!