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Case Study: Benefits of our new facility

We would like to share a case with you that highlights some benefits of our facility. This horse had a severe injury to its right front leg. We were able to repair the wound and with great care from the owner and regular bandage changes the horse did well. The injury included skin over the […]

Rebates!! Check this out.

Do you want some money back?? I about fell out of my chair when I saw this rebate that Merial is doing for clients this year! Check out the details ($$) on the form but the rebates are for products we (and you) often use. Equioxx, Gastrogard, Legend and Marquis are the ones we carry. […]

Case Study: Donkey and Mini Teeth

Do Donkeys and Minis need their teeth worked on? Need is a relative term. Teeth work, dentistry, is performed on horses for different reasons. Horse teeth are continuously erupting and are designed to wear each other off evenly. Problems arise when the teeth become uneven. Sharp edges and abrupt steps can develop – these make […]

Overconditioned Horse

Download and print this article, click here. Case of the Quarter Louisa is a beautiful 9 year old gray Pasofino mare. While active and lively (sometimes too lively) she carries too much condition – she is fat. Body condition scoring in the horse is done on a scale of 1-9, and Louisa is a 7+. […]