Our clinic provides out-of-the-weather comfort, with good lighting and heat – essentials for winter procedures such as in-depth lameness work or emergency laceration and injury repair. The good lighting and open space with an even and solid floor can also be very important in good weather. We now have an indoor arena allowing ridden or in-hand work to be blended easily with other diagnostic procedures during lameness evaluation and treatment. With easy access for a farrier’s truck, and a few pieces of specialty equipment, some of our advanced podiatry work is made much simpler and everyone more productive. We also have a pull through driveway for ease of trailer maneuvering.


As primarily ambulatory veterinarians we maintain two fully outfitted and well-stocked practice vehicles. Each carries a full complement of equipment and necessary supplies, as well as heated running water and a refrigerator – allowing us to meet unanticipated needs and fill unexpected requests on-site.