• Lameness/performance
  • Podiatry
  • Imaging
  • Dental
  • General/Preventive Care
  • Reproduction, including foaling out
  • Emergency
  • Boarding for continued care patients

As life time horse owners in the area, we are attuned to the health care needs of our patients – and the concerns of our clients.

poor feet xray


A comprehensive exam is an essential part of any lameness work-up. We like the horse to move through different gaits, possibly over different surfaces, on the lounge, in-hand, or under saddle as needed. Flexion tests are an essential component of the exam, and diagnostic blocking is utilized as well. Our clinic facility has an open working area designed for such exams. As ambulatory veterinarians however, we are always equipped to provide the same thorough exam on the road, at your place.



As our practice followed our own interests and affection for the horse we naturally have gravitated towards a better understanding and capability for treating the most important part of the horse – the foot. We offer high-end diagnostics for all feet related problems, especially laminitis, navicular/heel pain issues, white line disease, contractural deformities and injuries. We offer venograms for more timely and objective diagnostics in the laminitic horse. Rocker shoes are utilized frequently to alter mechanics and help treat hoof and foot problems. More advanced procedures, including tenotomy’s are used as needed. Much of our more advanced podiatry is done with the aid and skill of our friend, blacksmith Ken Miller. All of us welcome other farriers’ input and when you prefer, their work as well.



The Johnson Veterinary Clinic maintains state of the art diagnostic and imaging equipment, because we know that accurate and timely information allow us to make better treatment decisions and to more effectively help your horse. We use the Sound Tru DR system for direct digital radiography – providing immediately available, high resolution radiograph images. This equipment is completely portable and can be used on the road as well as in our clinic. Our ultrasound units allow us to better time reproductive services and diagnose uterine pathology. The digital imaging also provides us high quality tendon and ligament images to help us diagnose and monitor training related soft-tissue injuries. Chest and abdominal images can be invaluable in certain challenging medicine cases.


We believe that a thorough examination and complete care are necessary when offering dental care. Our dental procedures are performed on a sedated horse wearing a full-mouth speculum. We use the Power Float instrument to provide better quality, faster work – resulting in less stress for the patient. We also utilize high quality manual equipment for floating and extracting, when necessary.




We offer a full complement of mare reproductive services. Each truck and the clinic are equipped with ultrasound equipment, allowing us to provide scheduling options and timely service.


We offer full emergency care to our clients and are available 24-7 if needed. We will come to you, or get the heat on and supplies ready in the clinic while you are in-route. In the unlikely event we are both unavailable we made arrangements with neighboring practitioners to provide for our clients.